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This Week

November 17-21

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on November 13, 2014 at 3:00 PM

It is the week before Thanksgiving - what you are thankful for? Please take a moemnt and think about the growth your boys and girls have had since school started. The amount of knowledge, achievement, and confidence you have helped them acquire is amazing! I know that many of you have read this (I acutally shared it on facebook and bet that you did too), but if not, please take a moment to read over this article. It is not long, but will remind you why we do what we do.... Dear Parent: About THAT Kid


Monday, 11/17

Friendship Week Begins! This is a national Anti-Bully week that we would like to place in a positive frame of reference. You may use whatever verbiage you like, such as Take a Stand, Lend a Hand, etc... More info in Elisa's column on first page.

Here is a fun activity to do with your class to support this week (Click on link for blackline)

Friendship Flag 

Birthday table at lunch today

8:45 Room mother meeting in PTA room


Tuesday, 11/18

4th grade Lone Star Leadership , 11:15-12:15



Wednesday, 11/19

9:00-9:45 Crocodile Show in Gym for K and 2nd (Thank you, PTA)

10:00-10:45 Crocodile Show in Gym fo r1st and 3rd (Thank you, PTA)

4th grade Field Trip, part 1, to Sam Houston museum

5:30 Cup stacking tournament


Thursday, 11/20

4th grade Field Trip, part 2, to Sam Houston museum

9:30 - Catherine at principals' meeting


Friday, 11/21

9:00 Kindergarten PowWow parade

11:30 1st grade Friendships Feast

2:30 E-Track


Thank you for all of your hard work with our Bears! You matter! Click on this for a sign to post in your room:

You Matter

Why is this important to impress upon our students? Research shows that people who have a strong sense of love and belonging feel they are worthy of love and belonging. It is a vicious cycle - or a wonderful one. Let's make it great!