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January 26-30

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on January 23, 2015 at 1:25 PM

We are at the halfway point of our year! Our kids are smarter and more confident than they were when we first met them. However, they still need a little reteaching on a few items. Remember that at the beginning of the year our Team Leader group voted to implement noise levels for common areas. You may run your classroom on any noise level you like (some of us are more tolerant than others!), but arrival, dismissal, and transition movement in the hallways should be at a 0 or 1. Please be very clear on this with your students. If they cannot handle a 1 (Whisper, Mister!), then they must walk at a 0. (I have found that some children - and adults - literally cannot whisper.) Never should a group of students in the hall interrupt the instruction of another grade just because they are walking by. This is a life skill of good manners. Thank you for helping your students do this well!!

Here is a great resource to freshen up the "walking in the hall" routine:

At the end of this week's events, is a list of 64 positive things to say to children. I love having lists liek this and finding a new "perfect phrase". I hope that one or two speak to you. It's nice to have them in the back of your mind - that way they are close to your mouth! It is from

Monday, 1/26
Jeans with jeans coupon
Birthday table for January birthdays

Tuesday, 1/27
Report cards go home
11:15-12:15, 4th grade Lone Star Leadership

Wednesday, 1/28
Safmarine Container presentation for 3rd & 4th graders
4:00 Staff Meeting - jeans for all staff who are attending

Thursday, 1/29
7:45 CAC Meeting

Friday, 1/30
Spirit shirt/jeans day
MOY Assessment should be completed

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

1. You are loved

2. You make me smile

3. I think about you when we’re apart.

4. My world is better with you in it.

5. I will do my best to keep you safe.

6. Sometimes I will say no.

7. I have faith in you.

8. I know you can handle it.

9. You are creative.

10. Trust your instincts.

11. Your ideas are worthwhile.

12. You are capable.

13. You are deserving.

14. You are strong.

15. You can say no.

16. Your choices matter.

17. You make a difference.

18. Your words are powerful.

19. Your actions are powerful.

20. Your emotions may be powerful.

21. And you can still choose your actions.

22. You are more than your emotions.

23. You are a good friend.

24. You are kind.

25. You don’t have to like what someone is saying in order to treat them with respect.

26. Someone else’s poor behavior is not an excuse for your own.

27. You are imperfect.

28. So am I.

29. You can change your mind.

30. You can learn from your mistakes.

31. You can ask for help.

32. You are learning.

33. You are growing.

34. Growing is hard work.

35. I believe you.

36. I believe in you.

37. You are valuable.

38. You are interesting.

39. You are beautiful.

40. When you make a mistake you are still beautiful.

41. Your body is your own.

42. You have say over your body.

43. You are important.

44. Your ideas matter.

45. You are able to do work that matters.

46. I see you working and learning every day.

47. You make a difference in my life.

48. I am curious what you think.

49. How did you do that?

50. Your ideas are interesting.

51. You’ve made me think of things in a completely new way.

52. I’m excited to see what you do.

53. Thanks for helping me.

54. Thank you for contributing to our family.

55. I enjoy your company.

56. It’s fun to do things with you.

57. I’m glad you’re here.

58. I’m happy to talk with you.

59. I’m ready to listen.

60. I’m listening.

61. I’m proud of you.

62. I’m grateful you’re in my life.

63. You make me smile.

64. I love you.