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This Week

March 28 - April 1

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on March 26, 2016 at 5:55 PM
I have two GREAT articles for you this week! The first one also comes with a link to download free handouts (read all the way through). I have spoken to many of you about the critical need and use of maintaining clear documentation with your small groups, regardless of grade level. I think this article has some great tips and useful forms. Check it out here: The Thinker Builder

Next I love this: Dear Teachers, Just stop... You are awesome and you make a difference! This week our 4th grade writers will SHINE on STAAR! They will do so because their 4th grade teachers have capitalized on the strong foundations that their students brought with them. They will do so because the gap was just big enough to be closed. They will do so because someone along the way has believed in these 9 &10 year olds and given them the self confidence to know they will rock. They will do so because we have a culture of success, respect, and love for kids at our school. Thank you for being a part of this! Our STAAR success starts when these kiddos walk into LSE. It represents the hard work and care of every staff member here - whether they are saying good morning at Car Riders, serving breakfast, tutoring during small groups, keeping them safe at recess, or providing direct instruction. We are a part of something bigger - thank you for all that you do!!

Monday, 3/28
Jeans coupons accepted
2:30 4th Grade meet with Admin re: any last minute discussion for STAAR, rm 101

Tuesday, 3/29
STAY CALM tshirts with jeans!
4th Grade STAAR Writing (see schedule change below)

Grade         Spec/Conf          Lunch               Recess (3-4 playground is CLOSED until 1:30)

3rd            8:45-9:40           11:15-11:45             11:45-12:15

2nd           9:45-10:40         12:25-12:55            12:55-1:25

1st           10:45-11:40        11:50-12:20            12:20-12:50

Specials 12:20-1:15          11:45-12:15

Kdg           1:15-2:10           10:40-11:10            11:10-11:40

4th            2:15-3:10            1:00-1:30                 1:30-2:00

Wednesday, 3/30
Garden Day for 3rd Graders
4:30 DAC
5:00 - 7:00 MISD Job Fair

Thursday, 3/31
4:00 Staff Meeting

Friday, 4/1 - Benchmark rosters will be available at noon.
Kdg Field Trip to Oil Ranch
FUTURE FRIDAY Spirit shirts or "Future" shirts with jeans