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Lone Star


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This Week

February 26-March 2

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on February 24, 2018 at 10:35 PM


1. We currently are accepting mascot ideas for our school. We will narrow the list down and do a school wide vote next week.

2. Teacher of the Year and Spirit of Montgomery voting information will be in your box. If you would like to nominate more than one person, we have extra forms. We will follow the same timeline and do a final staff-wide vote next week. Winners must be able to represent our campus and district next school year.

3. Finally, I would like to encourage all of you to vote in the current primary election. If you follow my personal social media, you knkow that I have strong feelings about this. It would be inappropriate for me to discuss this at school, but it is not inappropriate for me to impress upon you the importance of your vote. If you would like to work out coverage with your team and go out during the day to early vote at the Lone STar Convention Center, please do so. You can even take the long way back & pick up a Sonic drink! Voting is how you get a say in your life!! Don't take it lightly or for granted. Make your voice heard. I'm happy to visit with you more specifically after the school day.

Monday, Feb 26 Jeans with shirt of your choice


Tuesday, Feb 27

PK Report Cards go home


3:45 Lighthouse Team Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 28

2nd Grade Garden Day

Dental Health Program for K & 1 at CAMP

PLC:Kdg Writing


4:00 Staff Meeting, room 101 - please sit with your accountability partner

Thursday, March 1 - Happy Birthday, Kelly Denison!

7:30 Team Leader Meeting, room 101

11-1 Lake Conroe Republican Womens Luncheon for Essay Winners

Smith to PK Training

4:00 Shared Leadership Meeting, room 402

March 5-9 Jeans week for accountability partners that document their heart activity