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October 29-Nov 2

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on October 28, 2018 at 5:10 PM

I read this great article recently on a blog (David Guerin) I follow. It fits in so nicely with our focus this year - building leaders, remembering WHY we started in this profession, working together for greatness - that I am sharing it all. Enjoy!


When I was fresh out of college, it was time to start my career as an educator. I was very passionate about the game of basketball, and that was part of the reason I wanted to teach and coach. I had passion for the game. I still love it today and look forward to the start of college basketball season.

But while I had passion, I didn't necessarily have a strong or clear purpose. I was just finding my way.

Although passion is great, we can be passionate about things that lack significance. We can be passionate about a game. We can be passionate about cars, or coffee, or even Netflix. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with passion and enthusiasm for these things. But it's not something with inherently larger meaning or significance.

Purpose, on the other hand, is about having a mission. It's about living a life of meaning and significance in a very intentional way. I'm defining purpose here as something that transcends what we do and becomes more about who we are.

It's not what you do, it's why you do it.

Your true purpose isn't limited to one role in particular. I can carry out my purpose through my role as a principal, or as a dad, or as a writer through blogging or writing books. I can carry out my purpose in whole variety of ways. I can also carry it out in casual conversations with just about anyone I meet.

While I am passionate about being a principal, who I am is much bigger than my profession. My overarching purpose is much bigger than my title. Don't get me wrong, being a principal is one of the most rewarding ways I get to share my purpose. I love it.

But my why is still much bigger.

My why is to help others grow their own capacity and find their personal path of purpose. A purpose that has power adds value to people. It focuses on making things better for others.

My passions may change over time, but for the most part, I believe my purpose will only grow stronger.

There are so many reasons to live out your purpose...

1. No one can take away your purpose. Some things we are passionate about might be taken from us. Don't build your foundation on something you might lose.

2. Your purpose is usually developed, not discovered. We grow into our purpose. It doesn't just arrive like the mail is delivered. It's grown like the largest tree in your back yard.

3. You won't be fulfilled if you aren't fulfilling your purpose. You'll be restless and uneasy and searching for meaning. So many people are searching for happiness and what they really desire is purpose.

4. Apathy is no match for true purpose. The key to motivation is to know your why.

5. When you connect with people who share your purpose, it's electrifying. You feel understood and energized. It's like doubling the voltage.

6. When you have a strong sense of purpose, obstacles are no match for your persistence and perseverance.

7. Your purpose will give you a sense of peace. You'll know you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing when you're living out your purpose.

Campus Tours: Our Fifth Grade Student Ambassadors are doing a great job at giving building tours to our new families and guests. Andrea is marking upcoming tours on the school Outlook calendar, so make sure you check to see if your grade level will be showcased. This way you are slightly prepared if they come into your room. Since so many door decorations cover the windows, the Ambassadors are just hoping for the best when they enter your room. Now you will have a heads up that you may get a visit.

Are you on Facebook? If so, please join our LSE Leaders of Leaders page. I think most people are on this, and it is a fun, informal way to stay in the loop and get great ideas. Thanks! It is a private group, so you will need to search for it and request membership. Or, a teammate/FB friend can add you.

Monday, October 29

10:10 3rd grade Math teachers meet w/ Stephanie & Catherine, Lowry's room

11:00 5th grade Math teachers meet w/ Stephanie & Catherine, Lowry's room

PLC – 3rd, 4th, 5th Math

2:30 Bartlett to District Office

Tuesday, October 30

8:30 - 4th grade Math teachers meet w/ Stephanie & Catherine, Lowry's room

PLC - Kdg Math

3:40 Lighthouse Team Rm 101

Wednesday, October 31

Kdg Garden Day

8:30 Book Character Parade – No scary or gross costumes from students or staff.

Thursday, November 1

Extended Planning – Grade Levels will be focusing on: Writing your grade level WIG that will support our school one, deciding on your Lead Measures and your Scoreboard too...

Friday, November 2

2nd Grade Field Trip to P6 Farms

2:00 New Family Tour (K)

PLC: 5th Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Coming up:

Monday, November 5

Happy Birthday, Stacy Seelbach!

PLC: 4th Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Tuesday, November 6

Election Day – We are a polling place again. We will use the gym if nice weather; the café if yucky weather.

7:30 am Team Leader Meeting, room 101

PLC: 3rd Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Wednesday, November 7

Happy Birthday, Lindsay Griffith!

Choir to Renaissance Festival

TLIM Coaching Day - teams will meet w/ Alicia during planning times for follow up questions/discussion

Thursday, November

9:00 Veterans Day program

PLC: 2nd Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Friday, November 9

Group pictures

PLC: 1st Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Monday, November 12

PLC: Kdg Grade TLIM WIGs/Mission/Reflection/Planning

Tuesday, November 13

Progress Reports go home

PK Report Cards go home

12:00 pm PTA Meeting, room 101

PLC: Lighthouse Team

Wednesday, November 14

5th Grade Garden Day

3rd Grade Field Trip to Aquarium

Bartlett to Principal Meeting

PLC: 5th Grade Science Common Assessments

4:00 Staff Meeting, room 101

Thursday, November 15

Pay Day Doughnuts and Staff Booster of Professional Learning

Tribe Day

12:30 PK PLC at TLC

5:30 Cup Stacking Tournament, Montgomery JH

Friday, November 16

8:45 Kindergarten PowWow Parade

2:45 1st Grade Friendship Feast of Snacks

Saturday, November 24

Happy Birthday, Baylie Wilson

Friday, November 30

9:00-11:00 Campus TLIM Tour

This is the weblink if you would like to invite someone to this. It is not for our current families (there are just too many!). If you know a community member, business owner, friend of another school, etc – this is the link for them to sign up. It is free, but this way there’s a headcount.