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This Week

April 29 - MAY

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on April 28, 2019 at 11:40 AM

So the end is near - time to start SUMMARIZING and to start SUMMERIZING...Whether you are in your first year or last year, we all feel the same way: How is it happening so fast? Have we gotten everything done? Why are we already talking about next year?

Saturday night I was reminded of a recent article I read about "AND". On Saturday night, I was driving home close to midnight with Payton from her softball tournament. They had played 5 games - the shortest was 90 minutes, but the longest two games went over 2 hours each (thanks tie breaker... and double tie breaker...), and we had lost out at the final moment. On the quiet long drive, my hardworking, sore, tired, smelly girl said, "I don't think we've ever not been back on a Sunday in any tournament." We mourned that for a couple of minutes, and then I pointed out how it would feel to sleep in (OMG - SOOOO good!!), get that project done (ummm, you have had a week, but hey...), and maybe lay out by the pool (isn't that why we got it? I dunno...). And I remembered the power of AND. **Side note - I am sure that at some point it was Elisa Krug who shared this with me, as she funnels so much wisdom my way. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!).

I turned and looked Payton in the eye and said, "It is okay to be sad that we lost out AND to enjoy our day off." Huge weightlifter...

So, that's my personal story - but for you, my hardworking, sore, tired (not smelly!) staff: It is okay to be sad that your year is ending with all of your little people AND to look forward to waving goodbye.

I appreciate you giving your best effort these last few weeks and helping them finish strong. I love how we all come together and fight this great fight - there is nobody I would want on my team besides each of YOU. You are the BEST. :)

Monday, April 29

Aligning Academics Coaching Day

Schedule will be:

8:00-8:30 - Alicia+Admin

Goals for today's sessions

8:30-12:00 - Aligning Academics with Alice Winn's new team

Team-Building for this Brand New Team ��

school-wide WIG timeline

Leadership Binders Review

12:00-12:30 - Lunch

12:30-1:00 - Admin Data Review

WIG Alignment Review

MRA and new data discussions as needed

1:00-1:45- Aligning Academics+Admin

Progress Review/How can we Help?

1:45-2:30 - Susan Breckenridge (class covered by Mrs. Miller)

Welcome to the Lighthouse Team ��

Goals/Questions/Paradigms of a Great Leader

2:45-4:15 - Lighthouse Team Planning (PLC-CAMP staff to assist with dismissal of your homerooms so that our meeting can continue)

Build EOY Staff Survey

preparing for membership changes on your 19/20 Action Team

Implementation Board-bridge from 2018-19 to 2019-20

1st Leadership Day

PLC: Lighthouse Team

Tuesday, April 30

Dollar Days – Class Choice of Reward

SST All Day

1:00 Kindness Crew Meets

PLC: SST as needed


8:30 Walker

9:00 Ancajas

9:30 Emge

10:15 Seelbach

11:00 Wilson

1:15 Nichols

2:00 Morris

2:30 McDade

Wednesday, May 1

Group D Talent Shows & Recorder Recital

SST All Day

PLC: SST as needed


8:30 Miller

9:00 Stasney

12:00 Fuller

12:30 Rose

1:15 Robbins

2:00 Waller

2:30 Johnson

3:00 Brown

Thursday, May 2

Group A Talent Shows & Recorder Recital

Krug to Counselor’s Meeting 10-1

1:00 Kindness Crew Meets

4:00 Student Lighthouse Meeting, room 101

4:15 Sharpen the Saw Drum Circle, Music Room (all staff invited!!)


8:30 Toby

9:00 Tissue

9:30 Cole

12:00 Terna

12:30 Lout

2:00 Krug

Friday, May 3

Last Library Check Out

Dollar Days – PJs are OK

Saturday, May 4

Election Day

Monday, May 6

Staff Appreciation Week – Who’s the BEST? YOU are!!!

Fun Jumps in PE

Nichols to MAC Meeting

8:30-9:30 Lout to LPAC

4:15 Ambassadors Pizza Party, room 101

5:30-6:30 Kindergarten/PK Round Up Family Tours

6:00-8:00 GT Showcase at OHJH

Tuesday, May 7

Staff Appreciation Week

Fun Jumps in PE

School Nurse Day – OMGosh we LOVE Mrs. Lemke and Mrs. Johnson!

Broughton to MAC Meeting

1:00 Kindness Crew Meets

PLC: Lighthouse Team

Wednesday, May 8

Staff Appreciation Week

Adams & Kuykendall to MAC Meeting

Group F Talent Shows & Recorder Recital

9:30 Bartlett to Principals Meeting

4:00 Student Lighthouse Meeting, room 101

6:30 Leadership Academy Ceremony, MHS

Thursday, May 9

Staff Appreciation Week

Group C Talent Shows & Recorder Recital

PreK PLC, 12:30-4:00

6:00 End of Year Choir Program

Friday, May 10

Happy Birthday, Andrea Gauthier!

Library Books Due

Sunday, May 12

Happy Birthday, Heather Walker!

Happy Birthday, Mandy Robbins!

Monday, May 13

STAAR Math 3rd, 4th, some 5th – Motivational Shirt with Jeans!

4:15 Retirement Celebration for our sweet friends Marilyn and Robin

Tuesday, May 14

STAAR Reading for 3rd, 4th, some 5th

Motivational shirt with jeans

Wednesday, May 15

STAAR Science for 5th Graders

2nd Grade Pay Day Donuts

2:40 Tentative/Possible/We will see Tribe Pep Rally

Thursday, May 16

Group B Talent Shows and Recorder Recital

K-2 Field Day

8:00-1:00 Bartlett & Krug to MoCo Mental Health Meeting

8:00 3rd grade Battle of the Books

Friday, May 17

Group E Talent Shows and Recorder Recital

3-5 Field Day

Monday, May 20

3rd Grade Battle of the Books

9:30 PK Awards, classrooms

10:00 4th Awards, classrooms

2:40 5th Grade GIRL Talk

3:00 ABLE/LS Awards, classrooms

Tuesday, May 21

4th Grade Battle of the Books

11:00 2nd Awards, classrooms

2:00 3rd Awards, classrooms

3:00 5th Grade BOY Talk

Wednesday, May 22

5th Grade Battle of the Books

12-4 Bartlett to Textbook Training in Navasota

12:45 1st Awards, classrooms

Thursday, May 23

8:45 5th Grade Recognition

1:00 Early Release

Schedule Change - Schedule for BOTH DAYS:

Friday, May 24

1:00 Early Release

Schedule Change