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This Week

September 30-October 4

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on September 29, 2019 at 8:30 PM

Happy October - can you believe we have fallen into Fall? Everything should be running smoothly in your classroom by this point, including:

WIGs - personal ones for staff and students (this week!) Is yours posted? Are you living/documenting it? Can the students see it each day?

TLIM daily lesson - if you do this daily, it is a quick part of your routine.

Mission statements are posted - what is yours? Could you recite it? You can't live it if you don't know it.

Student birthdays are posted - feel free to post your teammate's special days, too. Students love to celebrate teachers' special days. How do you recognise your students on their birthdays?

Small groups - the purpose of the data and RtI visits is to help you organize your targeted instruction and small groups. By this point, you should have them running easily. Be certain you are documenting student activity and success when you meet with groups.

Monday, Sept 30

PLC: CAMP staff meet with Bartlett, room 101

PK/K Universal Screener begins

Alice at Coaches Meeting

Complete GT screening

Tuesday, Oct 1 (Omg - October already!!)

PLC: GT Planned experiences

Conscious Discipline Training, Day 1 for all new to MISD staff

Make up/GT screening

Bartlett out to Threat Assessment Training

Wednesday, Oct 2

Pink-Out/Awareness shirts are OK

Garden Day for 2nd Grade

7:30 Red Action Teams Meet (*red teams, wear your TLIM shirts, all others please help with duty/coverage as needed)

PLC: Tribe Day Pep Rally Leaders

9:00 PTA Meeting, room 101

Thursday, Oct 3

Vendor - Two Little Wreath Makers

September ATtendance Board Updated

Students will have set their Personal Wig

PLC: T-TESS for New Friends, with Bartlett

5:00 New Families Ice Cream Social & 7 Habits Scavenger Hunt

Friday, October 4