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This Week

December 16 - 19

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on December 15, 2019 at 1:15 PM

PLEASE be certain you have sent out the party RSVP link to your parents. Go ahead and send it one last time. We will close this and run the parents through our VSoft system. They aer able to check in quickly and come to your room on time and happy. Thank you!

We take attendance at 10:00. If you have parents sign their child out before then (after a party, a parade, program, etc), those children are marked absent. Please be certain that parents are aware of this if you have sign out sheets in your classroom for any of the above events. We have reported to the state what time attenance is taken, so we cannot arbitrarily move it so that your students go home early. This is something to consider when you are choosing times for your special events.

Christmas Tree Voting starts Monday!! You will receive ballots in your box for your homeroom. Please bring your students through the library to look at the trees and cast their votes for their FIVE favorite ones. We will tally votes up on Tuesday evening. Voting is on Monday and Tuesday only. They look amazzzzzing!!!

Monday, December 16

Christmas Tree Voting

Schoolwide Pajama Day

Holiday Luncheon from Restoration Church & Church

Tuesday, December 17

Christmas Tree Voting

PLC: Kdg Benchmark Planning

9:30 1st Grade Holiday Parties

10:30 ABLE Holiday Party

11:30 3rd Grade Holiday Parties

1:30 2nd Grade Holiday Parties

2:30 Dyslexia Student Celebration with Mrs. Fowler

Wednesday, December 18

**Schedule Change**

9:15 Kdg Holiday Parties

11:15 4th Grade Holiday Parties

1:00 Early Release

1:15 Staff Holiday Luncheon and SOCK EXCHANGE

Thursday, December 19

9:15 PK Holiday Parties

9:30 5th Grade Holiday Parties

1:00 Early Release

1:15 Admin will be working in our offices. All Christmas decoration must be down.