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Lone Star


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This Week

February 22 - 26

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on February 21, 2021 at 1:15 PM

Welcome back :) Here is our first/draft look at the week. We will have some edits and additions as we reschedule meetings from this week. I will update as it happens, so please remember to check back. I am so happy to see everyone!! Our building is in tip-top shape, no worries.

Monday, 2/22

Happy Birthday, Pam Pizzino!

Alice to ESC

PLC: 5th grade Presentation in cafeteria from OHJH

2:45 Speech ARD: J.C.

4:00 Bartlett to Strategic Plan Meeting

Tuesday, 2/23

Happy Birthday, Melissa Logeman!

PLC: 4th Grade STAAR Chat

9:20 Annual ARD: L.S.

10:10 3rd Grade STAAR Chat

Wednesday, 2/24

Secondary Late Arrival

7:30 Red Action Teams Meet

PLC: 5th Grade STAAR Chat

10:00 Bartlett to Principals Meeting

Thursday, 2/25

8:00 Bartlett Strategic Plan Meeting


8:30-12:00 Grace TELPAS

9:20 Annual ARD: C.V.

11:10 Annual 504: J.J.

2:30 Lout to AP Meeting

Friday, 2/26


1:05 Review ARD: S.C.