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This Week

April 26 - 30

Posted by Catherine Bartlett on April 25, 2021 at 12:45 AM

Monday, April 26

EOY Universal Screening Window opens

Alice to ESC for Reading Academy Prep

PLC: EOY Screening Window (Mann,McBride, AWalker, Bass, Denison), GT - Bednarsky

10:15 DNQ ARD: W.P.

11:05 Review ARD: T.W.

1:00 Speech ARD A.D.

Tuesday, April 27

School Visit from Bryan ISD - Teach and be fabulous like always!

PLC: Tour

9:25 Speech ARD: A.F.

9:30 Initial 504: G.M.

2:50 Annual 504: H.P.

6:00 Final Strategic Plan Town Hall Meeting, MJH

Wednesday, April 28

Schedule Change for Early Dismissal:

10:00 Bartlett to Principal Meeting

1:30 2020-21 Action Team Celebration! Let's celebrate a surprisingly smooth year and get ready to float into the next one.

Thursday, April 29

TLIM Coaching Day for 2021-2022 Action Teams (meet in Winn's room)


2:00 Speech ARD: L.M.

Friday, April 30

School Visit from Bryan ISD: Continue to Teach and be fabulous!

11:10 Annual 504: L.W.

2:00 Dyslexia Review: T.K.